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Texas lassos Fall 2023 EXECUTIVE BOARD

squareheadshot - Meghna Kundur.jpg


Meghna Kundur

"Lassos make my day every day. There hasn't been a moment since joining the org in which I'm not aware and appreciative of the community I'm surrounded by!"

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Vice President

VC Allbritton

"SAFE in Austin days are definitely my favorite :) You get to help others, be hands on, and see cool animals!"

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Bianca Leal

"My favorite part of being a Lasso is having a community everywhere I go. Seeing another member on campus always brightens my day and everyone has so many amazing and unique qualities that make this org simply the best."

IMG_2600 - Jackie Meisel.jpeg

Sargeant at Arms

Jackie Meisel

"One thing I love about Lassos is how many random acts of kindness I get to experience! From lasso to lasso and beyond, someone is always there to make your day a bit brighter :)"



Zion Phillip

"My favorite part of being a Lasso is having a community everywhere I go. Seeing another member on campus always brightens my day and everyone has so many amazing and unique qualities that make this org simply the best."

DE56F490-196C-476C-808B-5C429766693B - Miranda Avila.jpeg


Miranda Avila

"big general meeting fan. everyone makes me giggle🤭🤭"

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Nidhi Urs

"My Initiation night was definitely one to remember! :)"

F23486E5-0B4C-4549-85A4-2227AA4DB9CC - Liesl A Small.jpeg


"It is hard to express how much of an impact Texas Lassos has had on my life. This organization is filled with genuine, kind, beautiful people that inspire me to be the best version of myself. I look forward to general meetings every week just because I get to see everyone’s shining faces. I have never felt more accepted by a group of people than I have with Texas Lassos."

Liesl Small

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Taylor Minister

"My favorite memory would have to be this years banquet. The mark this org leaves on people is so special. Lassos are simply and always the best."

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 2.32.43 PM.png


Veronica Tran

"I love how lassos is such a fun and loving community. I've met my best friends and have made so many memories."

Our Social Chairs work to uphold our social pillar by planning events throughout the semester. These events range from mixers with fellow spirit groups to Semi-Formals and Crush. It's safe to say that our Social Chairs are the best party planners!

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 2.34.20 PM.png


Chloe Tran

"I love Lassos for the super fun social events we have! Some of my fondest memories are from mixers during my lass semester."

5917BF44-26A3-4839-85EB-8E2D18E662B7 - Arianna Rodriguez.jpeg


Arianna Rodriguez

"I LOVE the community that Lassos has given me. I’ve met so many people I would’ve never met otherwise and could not be more grateful for that. Lassos has given me my closest friends and a place where I can be myself and have fun with people I love. A favorite memory I have is going to Lass mixers and meeting so many new people from other orgs that became my best friends."

Our Spirit Chairs work to uphold our spirit pillar by keeping our members updated on upcoming university sporting events and ways to uplift our community. They make sure we're engaged in the campus life around us!

SamanthaPreston_Headshot - Samantha Preston.jpg


Sammy Preston

"The amazing people in Lassos is what I love most about this org. For truly any occasion a Lasso is who I'd choose to spend my time with. "

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Elina Chen

"Lassos has been a consistent source of joy throughout my college experience. I’ve learned so much through all the unique, talented, and passionate people in this org, and lassos has really helped me grow into the person I was always meant to be!"

Our Service Chairs work to uphold our service pillar by finding and planning service opportunities for our members. The service pillar has educated lassos on local non-profits and relevant organizations nationwide.



Leslie Dang

"I love lasso love!!"

EEC8E44C-749B-42F1-BC96-BF8CF9592B81 - Allyson M Jones.jpeg


Ally Jones

"without lassos, i wouldn’t have met all the amazing people who fill my life with so much joy every day. the people is what makes lassos so special"

Our Philanthropy Chairs work to uphold our philanthropy pillar by planning events and fundraisers in support of Texas Lassos' philanthropy DSACT (Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas). 



Maya Athreya

"Lasso love forever <3"

Our LADD Chair works to uphold our LADD (Longhorns Against Drunk Driving) pillar by planning events to educate fellow lassos along with the greater campus community on the dangers of drunk driving. 

93E519DC-6AE3-4D74-B6FC-18AB64C7B61C - Libby McTaggart.jpeg


Libby McTaggart

"I loved Barnyard Bash. It was so chill to hang out with Lassos while listening to local bands and raising money for DSACT!!"

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