Texas Lassos is classified as a service organization at the University of Texas at Austin. Together, we strive to promote spirit, service, and social activities to all members while fostering friendship, leadership, and cooperation with the University and community. Founded in 1998 with only seven members, today Texas Lassos is home to over 150 active members and an accomplished group of alumni. As a whole, we are a group of diverse young people intent on contributing to the University and the Austin Community.


We're not the oldest, we're not the biggest, we're simply the best.


Melissa Liu

"To me, Texas Lassos is a diverse group of empowering and fun-loving young people who strive to give back to the community. We try to foster an inclusive environment within our organization and do so by supporting each other and respecting one another always."

Vice President

Morgan Dubose

"To me, Lassos is about encouraging and empowering others to embrace their genuine identity. Every single member comes from different backgrounds and brings different perspectives to the organization, and that’s what makes it so great!"