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Callie Copeland

Wind Turbines

Callie is a senior from Cedar Park, Texas.

"I love how many diverse interests and hobbies lassos have! i've learned how to crochet, play tennis, and be a plant mom through lassos:)"

Favorite book: Pachinko

Vice President

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Alisha Rawal

Wind Turbines

Alisha is a senior from Austin, Texas.

"Lassos has been a huge part of my college experience and I couldn’t be more grateful. My favorite memories are when my best friends (who I met through Lassos ;)) took me on a huge rollercoaster during Destination Unknown :)"

Favorite book: All About Love by Bell Hooks


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Bianca Leal

Wind Turbines

Bianca is a junior from Denton, Texas.

"One of my favorite events I've done with Lassos has been volunteering at the Austin marathon; so much laughter and loved getting closer to people within the Austin community and other lassos!"

Favorite podcast: The Breakfast Club


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Karla Garduno

Wind Turbines

Karla is a junior from McAllen, Texas

"Initiation night was when everything felt real. It was a big realization moment that we were in this together and it just felt really welcoming and meant to be."

Favorite book: We Were Liars

Sergeant at Arms


VC Allbritton

Wind Turbines

VC is a Sophomore from San Antonio, Texas.

"I love that Lassos has made me feel like I have a home away from home, and a family away from home as well."

Favorite book: Daisy Jones and the Six


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Sarah Hutchison

Wind Turbines

Sarah is a senior from Nacodoches.

Her personal favorite things about lassos are the legendary, show-stopping, sexy, and fun events.

Favorite movie: The Parent Trap


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Maizy Jeong

Wind Turbines

Maizy is a senior from Northern California.

"I met my besties/roomies through lassos and we have the fattest tabs"

Favorite book: Verity by Colleen Hoover


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Andrea Paredes

Wind Turbines


Andrea is a sophomore from Mexico City.

Her favorite memory so far has been staying at her big's ranch and painting by the river with her Lasso Fam!

Favorite show: Breaking Bad

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Wind Turbines

Valentina is a sophomore from Austin, Texas.

"I love Lassos because we hype each other up so much <3"

Favorite movie: Pan's Labrinth


Valentina Paredes

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Haley Jackson

Wind Turbines

Haley is a junior from Dripping Springs, Texas.

Her favorite Lasso memory so far has been getting to go on a spring break trip with her whole Lasso Fam!

Favorite movie: The Parent Trap


Our Social Chairs work to uphold our social pillar by planning events throughout the semester. These events range from mixers with fellow spirit groups to Semi-Formals and Crush. It's safe to say that our Social Chairs are the best party planners!

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Jenny Li

Wind Turbines

Jenny is a senior from Dallas, Texas.

"Lassos has not only given me lifelong friends but it's also taught me so much! Everyone in lassos is unique, has their own passions, and has so much to give, and I love that!"

Favorite TV Show: Survivor


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Sara Tran

Wind Turbines

Sara is an junior from Palacios, Texas.

Favorite Memory: dancing and swimming w all the girlies at barge

Favorite book: Lovely Bones


Our Spirit Chairs work to uphold our spirit pillar by keeping our members updated on upcoming university sporting events and ways to uplift our community. They make sure we're engaged in the campus life around us!


Ellie Sanchez

Wind Turbines

Ellie is a junior form Harlingen, Texas.

"Lassos has allowed me the friends and experiences of a lifetime- i’m forever grateful"

Favorite show: Glee


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Meghna Kundur

Wind Turbines

Meg is a senior from Frisco, Texas.

"Lassos has truly brightened up my college experience and I'm grateful to have it be such an important part of my life!"

Favorite author: Rick Riordan


Our Service Chairs work to uphold our service pillar by finding and planning service opportunities for our members. The service pillar has educated lassos on local non-profits and relevant organizations nationwide.

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Cathy Carias

Wind Turbines

Cathy is a junior from Frisco, Texas.


Forever grateful to lassos for bringing me to some of the coolest, most powerful, and inspirational people :,) I can't wait to give back to this org as co-service chair with my long time bestie <3

Favorite book: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


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Nidhi Urs

Wind Turbines

Nidhi is a junior from Cedar Park, Texas.

"My Initiation night was definitely one to remember! :)"

Favorite Movie: Oceans Eleven


Our Philanthropy Chairs work to uphold our philanthropy pillar by planning events and fundraisers in support of Texas Lassos' philanthropy DSACT (Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas). 

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Miranda Avila

Wind Turbines

Miranda is a junior from McAllen, Texas.


I look forward to general meetings because nothing brightens my mood like being surrounded by the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, mega slay-a-tron 3000, hilarious people in lassos <3

Favorite movie: Ella Enchanted


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Emily Merkel

Wind Turbines

Emily is a senior from New Braunfels, Texas.

I joined lassos as a freshman and I’ve made some of my closest friends through this org. Every semester I meet someone new who inspires me.

Favorite book: Crescent City by Sarah J Mass

LADD Chair

Our LADD Chair works to uphold our LADD (Longhorns Against Drunk Driving) pillar by planning events to educate fellow lassos along with the greater campus community on the dangers of drunk driving.