4BBDE372-E3B9-4064-90D7-A8400E6B0A06 - Mia C Cooper.jpeg

Mia Cooper

Wind Turbines

Mia is a fourth year journalism and Plan II major from Austin.

A fun fact about Mia is that she lived abroad in Italy for two years in elementary school.

Mia's favorite thing about lassos is being part of an incredible community of smart, driven, and diverse individuals.


IMG_0058 - Alisha Rawal.jpg

Alisha Rawal

Wind Turbines

Alisha is a third year computer science and art history major from Austin.

A fun fact about Alisha is that she held a blowfish in the ocean!

Alisha loves that lassos connected her to her best friends, and feels that everyone in the organization is a light in her life

Vice President

IMG_3801 - Samantha R Marner.jpg

Sam Marner

Wind Turbines

Sam is a fourth year exercise science major from Fort Worth.

A fun fact about Sam is that growing up she had three pet donkeys.

Sam loves all the people in lassos!


96EB638B-9E36-4B8D-812B-C2133DE53B10 - Callie R Copeland.jpeg

Callie Copeland

Wind Turbines

Callie is a third year advertising major with a french minor from Cedar Park.

A fun fact about Callie is that she was an extra in a Netflix movie.

Callie's favorite thing about lassos is watching the organization grow and working with people who care about the community.

Sergeant at Arms


Meghna Kundur

Wind Turbines

Meg is a second year MIS major from Dallas.

A fun fact about Meg is that she moved three times in the fifth grade.

Meg's favorite thing about lassos is being around incredible people who support each other wholeheartedly!


4D8D5C63-2E70-4BB0-979A-F001EB4F226D_1_100_o - Anissa G Reyes.jpeg

Anissa Reyes

Wind Turbines

Anissa is a fourth year journalism major from San Antonio.

A fun fact about Anissa is that she was a tap dancer for 16 years.

Anissa loves how lassos has helped her make amazing friends!


Headshot - Elizabeth A Nemirovski.jpg

Liza Nemirovski

Wind Turbines

Liza is a fourth year public health major from Grapevine.

A fun fact about Liza is that she can speak Russian!

Liza loves how supportive everyone in lassos is of each other and the best friends she has made in this org!


C6380502-1078-48DA-8DE2-5FCF354DD408 - Haley L Jackson.jpeg

Haley Jackson

Wind Turbines

Haley is a second year sophomore major from Dripping Springs.

A fun fact about Haley is that her top artist of all time on Spotify is 5 Seconds of Summer.

Haley loves spreading lasso love on Instagram!


F5B4D7AC-76FE-4789-B369-E09C5AEE1F42 - Jenny Li.jpeg

Jenny Li

Wind Turbines

Jenny is a third year communications and math double major from Carrolton.

A fun fact about Jenny is that she has the same birthday as Chrissy Teigen.

Jenny's enjoyed meeting amazing people through lassos and giving back to the organization she loves!


72680ACC-A881-48C4-A4BB-B2A62EAEF3E1 - Jade T Jeong.jpeg

Maizy Jeong

Wind Turbines

Maizy is a third year year environmental science major from El Dorado Hills, CA.

A fun fact about Maizy is that she hates bathtubs.

Maizy loves getting to plan fun social events for lassos!


Our Social Chairs work to uphold our social pillar by planning events throughout the semester. These events range from mixers with fellow spirit groups to Semi-Formals and Crush. It's safe to say that our Social Chairs are the best party planners!

IMG_649B432A8857-1 - Sarah E Hutchison.jpeg

Sarah H.

Wind Turbines

Sarah is a third year government major from Nacogdoches.

A fun fact about Sarah is that she's very good at both making and eating pasta salad.

Sarah's favorite thing about lassos is Crush.


B35A2651-6329-4057-AF2E-07E01AFA16FE - Isabella El-Hage.jpeg

Isabella El-Hage

Wind Turbines

Isabella is a fourth year nursing student from Austin.

A fun fact about Isabella is that she used to be in a girl band that played gigs around Austin!

Isabella favorite thing about being in lassos is that the organization has pushed her to be her  best self and express herself in all kinds of ways!


Our Spirit Chairs work to uphold our spirit pillar by keeping our members updated on upcoming university sporting events and ways to uplift our community. They make sure we're engaged in the campus life around us!

IMG_9289 - Rebeca Marichalar.jpg

Rebecca Marichalar

Wind Turbines

Rebecca is a fourth year government and international relations major from Austin.

A fun fact about Rebecca is that she has a tattoo of a hat!

Rebecca loves that lassos makes UT feel smaller, in that seeing a fellow lasso on speedway or asking a member to go study, helps you realize that there is someone for you.


A74749A0-B2D3-4CE9-806C-6F6F79C03BED - Mara Asmis.jpeg

Mara Asmis

Wind Turbines

Mara is a second year health and society major from San Antonio.

A fun fact about Mara is that she is left-handed and a dual citizen of US and Switzerland.

Mara loves how lassos brings together people from such different backgrounds to help our community and to become lifelong friends!


Our Service Chairs work to uphold our service pillar by finding and planning service opportunities for our members. The service pillar has educated lassos on local non-profits and relevant organizations nationwide.

DSC_0234 - Beril L Saygin.JPEG

Beril Lara Saygin

Wind Turbines

Beril is a second year biology (EEB) and Plan II major from San Antonio.

A fun fact about Beril is that she has 5 tattoos and has never paid for any of them!!

Beril favorite thing about lassos are all of the amazing and beautiful friends she's met through lassos, who love and support her for exactly who she is!


2D552B7C-B36B-42BF-9B67-605AD47049B1 - Mia I Fuentes.jpeg

Mia Fuentes

Wind Turbines

Mia is a second year biology major from Laredo.

A fun fact about Mia is that she accidentally ran a 10k race.

Mia loves making genuine friendships and having little adventures through lassos!


Our Philanthropy Chairs work to uphold our philanthropy pillar by planning events and fundraisers in support of Texas Lassos' philanthropy DSACT (Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas). 

Lasso Headshot - Dessie Tien.jpeg

Dessie Tien

Wind Turbines

Dessie is a fourth year Plan II and neuroscience major from Austin.

A fun fact about Dessie is that she is a beekeeper.

Dessie's favorite thing about lassos is the people.



Chanel Hawkins

Wind Turbines

Chanel is a fourth year neuroscience major and french studies minor from Wylie.

A fun fact about Chanel is that she collects vintage film cameras, and her oldest one is 45 years old!

Chanel loves the people and sense of community that she's have built with other lassos!

LADD Chair

Our LADD Chair works to uphold our LADD (Longhorns Against Drunk Driving) pillar by planning events to educate fellow lassos along with the greater campus community on the dangers of drunk driving.