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Our pillars

Spirit Pillar

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Texas Lassos prides itself on being part of the Longhorn family. We celebrate and support all UT athletic departments and can be seen attending infamous Texas football games, participating on a Lassos IM team, or even going to an event featuring one of our Lassos. Our goal is to showcase our spirit on many different levels and show just how passionate the Lassos are about UT!

Social Pillar

Lassos love a good party! We have many of social events throughout the year that foster friendship among our members and other spirit organizations. Some of our biggest events include Date Dash, Crush, and Destination Unknown. As much as we love to have fun, we are also focused on keeping our members safe. We educate members on event safety and also have appointed "Legal Lassos", where members voluntarily take a pledge to stay sober and watch out for other Lassos at our social events. We believe it is our responsibility to take care of our members as well as provide them with tools to have a good time responsibly.


Philanthropy Pillar

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In the Fall of 2012, Texas Lassos officially adopted our philanthropy, Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT). We are very passionate about our philanthropy and volunteer at events such as Buddy Walk, Track Pack, Austin Marathon, and DSACT winter programs. We even host our own events such as Fun Run and many profit shares benefitting DSACT!

LADD Pillar

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LADD (Longhorns Against Drunk Driving) was founded by members of Texas Lassos after the loss of member Vanessa Whitford’s life. LADD was initially created to both spread awareness and provide resources to stop drinking and driving in honor of Vanessa. Today LADD works not only to prevent drinking and driving, but also to provide mental health resources, alcohol/drug safety initiatives, sober events, and recovery ally trainings. LADD’s mission is to educate, advocate, and stand in solidarity with those who have lost lives to drinking and driving incidents, drug/alcohol use, addiction, or mental health. We strive to provide a safer environment for our students, peers, and community.

Service Pillar

Lassos work hard to improve the UT campus and the city of Austin. We participate in volunteering for numerous charitable organizations and causes including Longhorns Against Drunk Driving, Austin Animal Center, Texas THON, Inside Books, Austin Marathon, SUREwalk, CEC Microfarm, Best Buddies, and many more. Lassos provide numerous service opportunities throughout the semester, including service mixers with other organizations on campus. We are always looking for new ways to give back to surrounding communities!

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