Longhorns Against Drunk Driving

LADD (Longhorns Against Drunk Driving) was founded by members of Texas Lassos after the loss of member Vanessa Whitford’s life. LADD was initially created to both spread awareness and provide resources to stop drinking and driving in honor of Vanessa. Today LADD works not only to prevent drinking and driving, but also to provide mental health resources, alcohol/drug safety initiatives, sober events, and recovery ally trainings. LADD has many official partners including LYFT, The Austin Sobering Center, The Steve Hicks School of Social Work, and Texas Athletics. LADD’s mission is to educate, advocate, and stand in solidarity with those who have lost lives to drinking and driving incidents, drug/alcohol use, addiction, or mental health. We strive to provide a safer environment for our students, peers, and community.


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